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Dr. Anja Schmidt-Ott

VOK DAMS Events & Live Marketing

About Dr. Anja

Anja studied History and Modern Languages at the University of Oxford. After her D.Phil. about “Young Love” in Literature, Anja decided to pursue her passion of “what makes people tick” further and thus it was but a logical step for her to enter the events and communications industry. She joined VOK DAMS in 2003, where she was responsible for international operations and ventures as well as for communication and concept design.

After helping to get VOK DAMS in China set up, Anja concentrated more and more on consulting companies in all kinds of change and transformation processes, with a strong focus on leadership communications. Anja specializes in strategy consulting and internal communications, devising communications concepts to develop and communicate mission statements, values and strategy, supports companies in M&A situations and focuses on getting managers and employees involved in and driving change, by drawing on and utilizing all the live-marketing and events communication expertise at VOK DAMS worldwide.

Speaker's Sessions: