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Event Tech Live 2017 is free to attend
and will take place at The Old Truman Brewery, London.
50 Free Educational Sessions
  • Robert Caldwell



  • Greg Lusk



  • Peter Ward



  • Kevin McFarlane



  • Saul Leese

     Marketing Director 


  • Richard Young

     Production Manager 


  • Stewart Price



  • Felix Stroud-Allen



  • Sophie Chaffe

     SiverStream TV 


  • Katie Crocombe

     Director at 52eight3 Ltd 


  • Vincent Nys



  • Liam Negus-Fancey



  • Gustaf Bohman



  • Thomas Walczak

     Event Ignite 


  • Julie Holmes

     Inline Strategy Ltd 


  • Barry Ross Rinehart

     Multi Image Group 


  • Max Scatarzi

     Senior Account Executive 


  • Ferenc Brachmann



  • Rajiv Jain

     a2z, Inc 


  • Ian Webb



  • Brenda Hobday

     Show Shoppa 


  • Jonathan Brigden

     Managing Director 

     The Giggle Group Ltd 

  • Shane Lewis

     Senior Sales Executive 

     ibtm events 

  • Jose San Miguel



  • Clemi Hardie



  • Emily Hopkins

     Senior Marketing Executive 

     MCM Expo Group 

  • Grant Morgan

     Marketing Manager  

     Poken by GES 

  • Matt Coyne

     Technology Engagement Architect 

     GES EMEA 

  • Nick Paul



  • Carla  Jones

     Head of Event Operations & Client Services 

     Haymarket Events 

  • Harriette Wight

     Live Union 


  • Joel Montaniel



  • Dermott Madden



  • Pierre Metrailler



  • Mike Piddock

     Founder & CEO 


  • Adam Goodyer



  • Megan Powers

     Powers of Marketing 


  • Tim Benson

     SMART Power Ltd / Zap Concepts UK 


  • Brandon Stephens



  • Caroline Hills

     Head of Digital Global Delivery 

     British Council 

  • Jose Bort



  • Jeremy Yates

     Senior Business Development Manager 


  • Richard Green



  • Allie Megyar



  • Joe Buckhurst

     General Manager 

     Group Dynamics 

  • Peter Harding



  • Ryan Curtis Johnson



  • Ronan Moore



  • Antonio Casula

     Founder & CTO 


  • Kerem Baran



  • Roger Barret


     Star Events Limited  

  • Charlotte Hammerbeck

     Director, Meetings Technology 


  • Maarten Vanneste



  • Tristan Abbott



  • Colja Dams

     VOK DAMS Events & Live Marketing 


  • Mark Jones

     Giant iTab 


  • Ru Barksfield



  • Anita Howard

     Ya-Ya Regie 


  • Robin Carlisle



  • Tom Vamos

     Digital Development Manager 


  • Alexander Kraenkl



  • Edward Vickery

     Head of Exhibition and Live Business Development 


  • Jack Tattersall



  • Matt Blain

     D2i Systems 


  • Will Wynne



  • Michael Morris

     Director of Sales 


  • Alex Newland

     Visual Voice Global 


  • Gerry Sherwood



  • Adam Price

     Business Development Executive  


  • Mark Maydon

     Crowd Connected 


  • Paul Richardson



  • Tim Williams

     YR Live 


  • Geoff Revill

     Krowd Think 


  • Johnny Martinez



  • Michael Hall

     C6(n) Technology Limited 


  • Panos Moutafis



  • Nicola Rossetti



  • Gavin Newman

     Virtual ivent ltd 


  • Mykyta Fastovets



  • Govind Sharma

     Director of Event Technology 


  • Danny Stevens



  • Gaurav Garg

     Founder & CTO 


  • Emma Crowe



  • Simon Walton

     Creative Director 

     Silverstream TV 

  • Florian Courgenouil



  • Mike Bell



  • Cemsit Yelgin



  • Richard Belcher

     First Sight Media 


  • Annie Byrne

     PR Manager 

     MCM Expo Group 

  • Amy Jordan

     Head of Marketing 

     CWC Solutions, part of CWC Group 

  • Kevin McLoughlin

     1 Wimpole Street 


  • Ed Baldry



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